Pottuvil Information Networks

An information Portal for Pottuvil, a nice and pleasant village situated in eastern coast of Sri Lanka.


To become a leading smart village, driven by innovation and inspired by society


We are dedicated to deliver innovative digital services and channels, standards and policies, while building the foundation for an ICT-Mature society

About Pottuvil

This small town has a very laid-back atmosphere to it due to the lack of many large buildings and the abundance of untouched grasslands. Fishing, farming and livestock are the main occupations for the local people. You will find several fishermen setting out with their nets and their boats to harvest the gifts of the ocean.

While Arugam Bay itself is dotted with small guest houses and restaurants, the adjacent town of Pottuvil is the local commercial center. This is where visitors go to change money, buy groceries, see a doctor, etc.

Many of the locals get around on bicycles, and you can always rent one to try the experience. of course, most choose to just hire a tuk-tuk for short distance journeys, which is cheap and easier.